Largely the Truth

Calling myself a storyteller sometimes makes me grit my teeth a little but it's probably the most accurate description of what it is I do; whether it's through writing, photography, or plain-old talking, I'm usually trying to tell a story.
So that answers what I am, but not who. Who I am is Brennan Storr, and I'm originally from the small Canadian town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. About eight years ago I decided it was time for a change, so I picked up stakes and moved to the coast, where there was more work and less winter. 
Though I'd been telling stories since I was a kid, I didn't really write until 2009 when a friend gave me the idea to start a restaurant review blog; Largely the Truth was born in December of that year. My interest in food writing quickly waned and I moved on to writing about events, festivals, travel, and people. Eventually I wrote for some print publications too, including the Diversity Reporter, What's Up Victoria, and the Revelsoke Current. In April 2012 my blogging began to dry up as I started work on what would become my first book.

The paranormal has always been a favorite subject of mine - people never get tired of the stories and there's no end of them to tell - so when I first started recording my family's spooky stories about growing up in a haunted house I never thought about it going further than re-telling them around a campfire. Three years later my book, "A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town" is due for publication from Llewellyn Worldwide on August 8, 2016. 
So that's the Cliff's Notes version of who I am and what I do - mostly I follow wherever my weird-ass muse takes me. Sometimes I do it for money but most of the time I do it for the sheer joy of taking people out of their world and showing them something new or, even better, something old in a new light. 
Feel free to drop me a line - I truly enjoy hearing from people. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @largelythetruth or you can email me directly at bren(at)largelythetruth(dot)com.