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Find me on the "Ghost Story Guys" podcast

28 May 2017  ·  by Brennan Storr  ·  Be the first to comment!

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You may have noticed I haven't been regularly updating the website the last while, and that's because I've been busy making sweet love to the airwaves.

For the last 3 months, Victoria author Ian Gibbs and I have been hosting our new show "The Ghost Story Guys", a lighthearted look at the paranormal.  This is the description from our Facebook group:

"Somewhere on the border of sleep there's a little mountain cabin you dream about, but can never quite reach. From there, authors Brennan Storr & Ian Gibbs whistle past the graveyard to explore the dark corners of the world."

So far we've talked Shadow People, Wendigo, haunted houses, and had a couple guests, including Loyd Auerbach of "Psychic Dreaming" fame, all while making dirty jokes and scandalizing Ian.

As we get ready to record episode 10, I cordially invite you to join us on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.

See you there



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