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19 Sep 2010  ·  by Brennan Storr  ·  Be the first to comment!

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In the last few weeks Largely the Truth has turned up in a few new places around the web and in print. I was profiled by Colin Newell on his CoffeeCrew Blog and submitted the guest blog post "Telus, Like Rock N Roll Dreams, Comes Through" to Russ Lolacher's customer service blog "The Upsell".

CBC Victoria did an audio feature on food blogs and alongside it listed a few from Vancouver Island. It's only a list (and we actually had to submit our own names) but it bears mentioning. You can find the list here.

On the print side of things I've been working as part of the start-up newspaper "Diversity Reporter". Most of my contributions to DR are and will continue to be behind-the-scenes, doing things like editing articles for length and clarity, but my name will pop up on a byline from time-to-time. The first issue, released this past week, includes a condensed version of this site's Cabin 12 review.

Diversity Reporter is a free, bi-weekly newspaper aimed at connecting with Victoria's ever-growing immigrant community. It's available at grocery stores, coffee shops, mosques, temples and other locations all over the city.

Diversity Reporter is also on Twitter at @divreport

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