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Monday, 16 May 2011 05:38

Vote Early, Vote Often

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In a bizarre twist of fate Largely the Truth has been nominated for two West Coast Social Media, or "Westie", awards - Funniest Tweet, for "It's like The Omega Man out here except instead of vampires I keep running into feral packs of douchebags", and Best Blog.

Voting has opened and though I do not have a naturally competitive nature I feel compelled to crush those who oppose me. You can help me do so by clicking here and voting (will open a new window).


As a former sixth grade student council president I'm no stranger to the campaign trail but even I was shocked and saddened to find "attack politics" being used for such a minor prize. Watch the video but don't be swayed by their smooth talk.


Monday, 13 June 2011 05:35

You're a Champion, Eagle-Eye

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For those of you new to the site Largely the Truth was nominated for "Best Blog" & "Funniest Tweet" in the inaugural West Coast Social Media Awards. The awards dinner was just over a week ago and wouldn't you know, out of 18 nominees Largely the Truth placed in the top 5 for Best Blog. That's no small thing when your website consists of one guy shoehorning dick jokes into restaurant reviews.

As for Funniest Tweet? See above, baby. At first I was chagrined by the fact that my reviews & articles take hours to write yet I won an award for jokes that I cast off like cigarette butts, but then I remembered the words of my mother: "Shut up and say thank you!"

So thank you very much to everyone who voted!

Oh, and the winning "tweet"?

"It's like The Omega Man out here except instead of vampires I keep running into feral packs of douchebags."

If you're on the Twitter you can follow me by clicking here

Saturday, 09 July 2011 04:55

At the Vancouver Island Music Fest

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CFUV 101.9FM, the University of Victoria campus radio station, has seen fit to turn me loose on another event. This spring they had me cover the first Victoria Spoken Word Festival and I must have managed to mix just enough insight in with my dirty jokes for them to trust me with covering the Vancouver Island Music Fest in Courtenay. The event runs from Friday, July 8 to Sunday, July 10 and features headlining acts like hip-hop legends Arrested Development and (my personal favorite) Randy Newman. I'll be updating the CFUV VIMF blog with posts several times a day and have so far been keeping up a steady stream of photo updates on The Twitter.

All the photos are now up on the Largely the Truth Flickr account if you don't feel like wading through Twitter,

Post I: Tomorrow's the Big Day All that boring, "getting to know you" stuff
Post II: The Road to VIMF The old man & the motorhome
Post III: Getting Started The girls in their summer clothes
Post IV: Oh, the Baton Twirlers MarchFourth...marches forth.
Post V: In the Evening Folk, blues, hope springs eternal
Post VI: Arrested Development Like Public Enemy without the alarm clocks
Post VII: Saturday Begins... Hamburgers, jazz & an inferiority complex
Post VIII: Jon Anderson of Yes The Long Distance Runaround
Post IX: Of Roots & True Love Sunburn & my forbidden love
Post X: Randy Newman Live! Taking a good long look at Randy
Post XI: Sunday Morning Coming Down Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Post XII: Albert Lee, John Jorgenson... Guitarists extraordinaire
Post XIII: Holly Cole Smoky classics just before the finish line
Post XIV: David Crosby Goodbye to All That


You read that right. Less than three weeks from now, on September 9, I will be firing up Etta, my sleek, silver Corolla S, and driving 2100km down the Veteran's Memorial Highway to Las Vegas for the 2011 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Competition.

The culture of bodybuilding has fascinated me since I started lifting weights six years ago. The behavior I've seen in the gym, from simple preening to grunting that would make a rutting bull in the next room say, "There must be something serious going on over there", is as strange as it is hard to ignore. Documentaries like Pumping Iron & books like Harrison Pope's The Adonis Complex - presenting as they do a world teeming with insecurity, neurosis and human bodies pushed to extreme - have only cemented that fascination.

Now I've decided to take in that world's biggest event - the Joe Weider Olympia Weekend 2011 at the Orleans Hotel & Las Vegas Convention Center. My Silver VIP Package (keep your remarks to yourself) secures me access & reserved seating as follows:

Early Entry to Meet The Olympians - Thursday, Sept. 15, 7 PM
Olympia Weekend Expo - Early Entry - Friday, Sept. 16, 9:30 AM - 5 PM
Olympia Weekend Expo - Early Entry - Saturday, Sept. 17, 9:30 AM - 5 PM
Fitness / Figure / Bikini/ Ms. Olympia Judging - Friday, Sept. 16, 10:30 AM
Fitness Olympia Finals/Ms. Olympia Finals/Mr. Olympia Judging - Friday, Sept. 16, 7 PM
Olympia 202 Showdown - Reserved Seating - Saturday, Sept. 17, 10:30 AM
202 Showdown / Figure Olympia Finals / Mr. Olympia Finals - Saturday, Sept. 17, 7 PM
Olympia Victory Gala, Saturday, Sept. 17, 11 PM

From my base of operations at the Circus, Circus Hotel & Casino I will be blogging events, uploading photos and generally trying to make sense of it all at largelythetruthmrolympia.wordpress.com. You can also keep up with events via my twitter account @largelythetruth.

Meet Your Olympians:

Jay Cutler
Kai Greene
Phil Heath

Saturday, 05 July 2014 14:57

Legs, Eggs, and TheBesty.com

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Once upon a time this blog was devoted entirely to restaurant reviews and so, every now and again, I would opine at great length on the subject of eateries in the Victoria and Vancouver areas.  One such establishment was Paul’s Place Omelettery, a Vancouver breakfast spot I wrote about on June 21, 2010 seven short months after Largely the Truth went online.  In the four years since then, thoughts of the review had drifted completely away from the waking part of my mind into the unreachable ultraviolet range of consciousness where hides such apocrypha as “where I left my keys” and “every book I have ever read.”

Then, in May, nearing the end of a road trip spanning some 2800 miles and fifteen states, I awoke in my Hyannis, Massachusetts hotel to find I’d received an e-mail from TheBesty.com.  The Besty is a new site which encourages bloggers to create and share lists of the best restaurants in their cities and elsewhere.  In February I had contributed a list of Waikiki hotspots culled from a recent visit and something about my hodgepodge of pizza joints and ice cream parlors must have caught their eye, because the email I received on that Cape Cod morning advised me a video using material drawn from my review of Paul’s Place had gone online.

That video is embedded below.  Though it may not contain every Julianne Moore metaphor I have used, it certainly has my favorite.

Thanks to everyone at TheBesty.com for reading and supporting Largely the Truth! 

P.S – Though things have slowed down for me on the blogging front you can still find me on Twitter and, my newest obsession, Instagram:



Monday, 10 October 2011 14:53

So You Think You Can Write

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This year I decided to participate in the Victoria Times-Colonist's writing contest.  The first round was a free-form submission (poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction) of no more than 500 words, due by September 9.  From the pool of entrants, judges would select four finalists who would be given four assignments over the next month (1 per week).  Each batch of assignments would be judged weekly and the winning entry printed in the Sunday Edition of the Times-Colonist.

 My entry was a story about two brothers growing up in rural Tennessee, a fictional piece I put together the night before deadline.  Fiction is new to me, so it was a challenge but the characters had been rolling around in my head for about a year so when I finally sat myself down to the work it wasn't as hard as I'd expected.

Almost immediately after this my trip down to the Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas (article forthcoming) and I more or less forgot about the contest.  Then, while at a truck stop in southern Nevada on my return journey I received a call from Denise Helm, acting Editor-in-Chief at the Times-Colonist, informing me I had been selected as a finalist!

My first assignment arrived immediately and so I began work while making my way home, using my voice recorder to take notes while driving during the day and transcribing those notes in motel rooms at night.

As of today the contest is two weeks in and my third assignment was submitted yesterday.  The judges notes will be sent back Thursday and I'll know by Sunday whether or not my piece was chosen out of the four on offer.

Readers are allowed to vote for their favorite piece on the newspaper's web site and the author deemed "Reader's Choice" wins an iPad classic.  Overall winner receives a trip to a writer's festival next year on the Sunshine Coast.

Read my submissions and vote for me (Brennan Storr, in case you were unsure) as "Reader's Choice" at www.timescolonist.com/writingcontest

Friday, 04 November 2011 14:47

Breakfast in Victoria for $3.99

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IMG 6877


This isn't a review, it's a public service announcement.  The Fresko Cafe at 642 Yates Street, between Douglas & Broad, formerly the site of Great Cannon Pizza and several other unspeakably bad pizzerias, is offering a $3.99 ham, eggs, hashbrown & coffee breakfast special.  You read that right - $3.99 for a greasy spoon breakfast in the heart of the Garden City.

The Fresko is a small, low-budget affair but the food is perfectly serviceable and the menu extends beyond breakfast with hamburgers, omelettes ($5.99) and donairs, to name a few.  They're open until 3am on both Friday & Saturday night although you're not going to get late-night breakfast unless it's a slow night.

Check it out before it's gone.  Not that the special is a limited time offer but rather it's likely to soon be replaced by a condo, ladies-wear boutique or maybe a timeshare made out of fair-trade coffee beans.

IMG 6871

The very first Victoria Spoken Word Festival is happening this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday.  I'll be in attendance covering the event for the University of Victoria's radio station, CFUV.  Click the links below for my take on the proceedings as well as event information.  Tickets are cheap, so come out and hear some spoken word and performance poetry.

Make sure you click the various links when reading the posts.  There's gold in them there hills.

Post 1:  The Festival is Almost Upon Us - Getting to Know Your Spoken Word Festival

Post 2:  Mood Lighting & Revelations - The opening night party at The Mint

Post 3:  The Big Night / In Fact It's Cold as Hell - Away we go...

Post 4:  Tongues of Fire, Part I - Coffee shops, Ryefield Ford & a motel made out of backpacks

Post 5:  More Tongue - Tongues of Fire, Part II - Smashing watermelons, Prufrock & the Sasquatch

Post 6:  Awesome Shit Showcase, Part I - Ryefield Ford, Jai'aquarian & Definitely Not Jamiroquai

Post 7:  More Awesome Shit - Nat Spadez, Jeremy Loveday & Bear ALWAYS Wins

Post 8: All Good Things, Part I - R.C Weslowski takes us to Skullfucker Canyon

Post 9: All Good Things, Part II - On the Edge Showcase, looking to

Sunday, 29 January 2012 04:34

The Un-Texan: A Quinn Martin Production

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"The birth of a child, your first kiss from a new lover - neither compare to that sweet moment when your hangover finally goes away."

Those sage words are one of only two things I accomplished today in the fog that followed a friend's birthday party at Brown's Social House last night. The other "accomplishment" adorns the top of this page and makes less sense even if it was more fun to make. I will try to explain:


Artist's representaton

This morning I browsed Facebook while waiting for the hammering in my head to subside. It was there I noticed that one of my friends, writer, editor & fugitive American Bob McIntosh (@BobMcVictoria on Twitter), was himself friends with a man named Hud Bannon.

The name immediately appealed to to the child in me who spent hours parked in front of the television watching re-runs of Quincy, Barnaby Jones, & The Streets of San Francisco on WWOR. I could just imagine "hot-shot detective" Hud Bannon sliding across the hood of his black '71 Charger (hemi, of course) as he chased down drug kingpin Mookie Davis. So, in tribute, I created the above image and sent it along to Bob for laughs.

As it turns out Hud Bannon is a writer, author of the blog The Un-Texan, among other things, and though that’s not his real name it damn well should be. I haven’t yet had the chance to delve into the man’s work but what I have seen so far concerns things near and dear to my heart: America, truck stops, dusty roads and the strange carnival of people who inhabit all three:

“Looking at Delta Dawn's bare shoulders and back was like gazing across several acres of pale, drought-stricken ground in the harshest light of day; from the front she looked like all of those acres had gathered themselves into a shivering heap that might collapse at any moment. None of that seemed to bother her in the slightest.”

- Hud Bannon, "The Un-Texan"


No? How about some poetry then?

After a successful inaugural run last year the Victoria Spoken Word Festival is back for more in 2012 and so, apparently, am I. For the second year running I will be on-hand to comment on the festivities, bringing the magic of the Spoken Word Festival to the frail, housebound and triple-booked.

Just like last year, tickets are cheap ($5-$10) so try to make it out to one of the events at either Cafe Solstice or the Intrepid Theatre, from Thursday to Friday night. Click the first link below for scheduling information.

Post 1: The 2012 Victoria Spoken Word Festival Begins! - The philosophical barber, Fish Jesus & Floyd Jones
Post 2: Tongues of Fire Instant Slam - Meltdowns, turkey love and a bearded snake
Post 3: The Awesome Shit Showcase - Nostalgia, glitter & heartbreak. Also bodily fluids
Post 4: On the Edge, Into the Sunset - Saying goodbye with class (and a golden penis statue)

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